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Started a Pride Group - where to from here?
Alongside a couple of others at my workplace, we started a pride group a couple of months ago, and during August we participated as a team in a fundraiser for Rainbow Youth (we even had a member of the Senior Leadership Team join in to help fund-raise!).

Does anyone have any suggestions for activities we could do to enhance our profile in the workplace, and for things we could do to support others? We're very interested in getting involved as representatives of our workplace to the Rainbow Community as well as represent the Rainbow Community in our workplace, and we have support from the senior management for doing so.
I hope this doesn't sound too stereotypical. Bag Head  Spank
Here in NYC is a LGBTQ country/western dance club (on hold during the pandemic).
At their Saturday night dances they periodically have a bake sale.
If the rainbow group at your workplace, instead of a bake "sale", would from time to time treat the office to your home-baked treats it would garner good will even among the skeptical holdouts there.
Big Grin

(This was posted in The Poof's Pantry after all. LOL)
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You’re a chemist, yes?

As a Pride group of professionals in STEM fields, perhaps mentoring LGBTQ uni students in STEM fields would be particularly meaningful. It’s not just women who are severely underrepresented in Engineering, it was impossible not to notice that the Engineering student body culture at uni was predominantly ‘macho’ straight male. The few women tended to mould themselves to fit in. Any ‘Bohemian’ students stuck out, and tended to be loner types.
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I mentor uni students who want to enter a particular STEM field.  Women are underrepresented because they don't take the courses that lead to the field.  I recently surveyed a uni cryptography course and out of 28 students 3 were women.  A number theory course (which is intricately related to cryptography) had 16 students and 1 woman.  That's just the way it is.

I never got the sense that in business LGBTQ applicants are discriminated against (certainly not on Wall St.).  They don't care who makes money for them.  Well, TBH, the "T" part of the equation has a problem.  Perhaps Dominus can comment if in his side of STEM LGBTQ experiences discrimination and would benefit from mentoring.
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A bake sale would be a good way to raise funds for any charity we wanted to adopt - a fair number of others do this as well with a fair degree of success. The dozen or so who participated in the inaugural "Sweat-with-Pride" fundraiser managed to raise just over NZ$2600 making us the 6th most successful group in the country. Distributing our home baking free would be a good profile-raiser as you say Parsi.

Yes Jdcyl, I'm a chemist. Our group's membership includes entomologists, molecular biologists, plant breeders, business development managers and a laboratory management specialist (me). Mentoring younger members of the community is a distinct possibility as our employer runs a summer studentship programme for undergraduates and masters candidates. I have contact with the bulk of these as I'm one of the people who assist with their formal inductions, and my part is one of the larger time slots. I should discuss the possibility of raising pastoral care of the summer students as well as new recruits in general.

NZ has had sexuality listed as a proscribed grounds for discrimination since the current legislation was passed in the early 1990s, so that works in our favour. Macho cultures still exist in places like STEM, but I do know it isn't as strong as it used to be. Binge-drinking is very much a minority pursuit.

I can't say that I've ever experienced problems myself, but others may not have such an easy time. I told the others in the Pride group that if they ever did experience a problem, I would be available to help them (I can give a religious bigot a theological lesson they will never forget).
(19-09-2020, 01:04 PM)Dominus Wrote: I can give a religious bigot a theological lesson they will never forget.


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