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Trump / Biden
During early voting the schedule is different every day.
Some days it opens at 7am, some days at 10am and some days at 12 noon.
Some days it closes at either 3pm, 4pm, 6pm or 8pm.
Only on Election Day are the polls open 6am to 9pm.

I understand that the Board of Elections had a challenge getting younger poll workers to replace older ones who usually work at the polls, but are concerned about the virus.  Maybe that has something to do with it.
(Yesterday, 03:56 AM)Heinrich Wrote: I've really tried to streamline my online presence. But honestly, my degree is from 2008 and it's only a BA. I don't really keep up with psychology unless constantly rewatching Frasier counts.

Only a BA? Only? Never underestimate your achievement.
I dropped out of college. I was having some issues, probably due to trying to deal with being gay in the late 70's, and having to stay in the closet. 
I couldn't deal with the pressure and workload. 
I am almost alone in my family in even making it to higher education, though this is changing for the current generation. 
Unless your degree came from Trump University, you have my respect!
Academia was always an aptitude for me, but the degree is practically useless and the debt I amassed was ridiculous—and my debt isn't near what most people have. If I could do it all again I'd have gone for musical theater straight out of high school. At least I'd have been happy. And probably could have gotten my virginity out of the way sooner.

At 18 I thought music would be useless even though it's my gift and my passion. Little did I know at the time that a BA in psych doesn't get you any better of a job. I'd also like to point out I don't think I'm especially intelligent, just at ease in the system of schooling.

Really pinning my hopes on a Liz Warren Treasury Department to cancel all student debt. Big Grin
I understand that it is geographically big country, with a diverse population, but Americans seem to make a huge drama from the simple process of voting.
India is far larger, and elections seem to progress quite smoothly. In 1945, British voters were scattered across the world, some literally fighting a war. The General Election was conducted efficiently and effectively.
Yet in 21st century America, one of the most technologically advanced countries on the planet makes a simple choice between two candidates seem very complicated.
Brits register to vote annually, it is done by phone, mail or online, and you only need to actively re-register if there is a change of name, address, etc, or if someone moves out of your household.
Registration then covers all elections, from local to national (and until this year EU), as well as referendums.
Legally, you are required by law to register, though I know of no one who has been charged for such an offence.
Postal voting is simple, and open to all. I don't know in advance if I can get to my polling station due to the nature of my employment, so I have the option of a simple postal vote. No fuss, no hassle, no politicians objecting, in fact we recently extended the postal vote system.
And no Electoral College overturning a simple binary vote. Our system is not perfect, but it is simple, straightforward and it works.
See, our country has always had a propensity for minority rule. All of the complications are intentional to suppress certain people from voting. We use words like tradition and democracy to keep them in place, but the truth is the ruling class here does not want everyone's vote to count equally.

And us being America, we've gone ever more toward requiring money to even think of participating in democracy. Most white Americans have as an extension of school and family life that we get our licenses or state-issued ID, which is the easiest way to register to vote, but costs money and paperwork which is harder for poor and/or urban kids to get, and takes more time in big cities. Since more poor and nonwhite kids live in urban areas, that's a first step gone. It grows from there.

Then I also know you Brits cap your campaigns at what, a week or two? Here, as you can see, we start running candidates two or more years in advance. The money that politicians raise for a campaign is astronomical. Even for local politics, if you want to run, you have to have money and a network or you REALLY have to be good at organizing.
Registration in the U.S. is simple and you only have to register once for all elections.  If you move you have to register again at your new address and if you don't vote in a presidential election some number of times (two or three?) then you have to register again.

Until about 20 years ago elections in the U.S. were straight forward (and then we got GWB Sad ).

These days Republicans would lose every presidential election if it wasn't for the Electoral College and if they didn't go to great efforts to disenfranchise voters who are likely to vote Democrat, focusing on the poor for whom it is easy to make it difficult for them to vote.  Republican policies are broadly unpopular across most of America so they have to work hard at complicating the process as much as possible and lie a lot.  Mail voting has become an issue since Trump installed earlier this year as postmaster general one of his big donors and loyalists.  The PG was taken to court after he reduced the number of mail sorting machines and took other measures to slow the mails so that mail-in ballots wouldn't arrive in time.  Because of those issues with the postal service the Board of Elections has installed official ballot drop boxes around the country.  Then (Republican) governor Greg Abbot of Texas ordered that drop boxes be reduced to one per county in Texas thus making it difficult for people who can't easily travel far (poor Democratic voters) to do an in-person drop-off rather send their ballot through the mail if they're worried about in-person voting due to the virus.

We didn't have these problems prior to GWB which are now much worse under DJT.

The U.S. is really a DINO (Democracy in Name Only) and it will get a LOT worse if we don't evict Trump in this election.  This election is really about a choice between saving the republic and its democracy versus a corrupt cult dictator who will run the government like his own private criminal enterprise.

(Today, 05:25 AM)Heinrich Wrote: The money that politicians raise for a campaign is astronomical. Even for local politics, if you want to run, you have to have money and a network or you REALLY have to be good at organizing.

The $take$ here are much higher and the $takeholder$ much more powerful.

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