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The Suggest Something for the Forums thread
(24-08-2020, 10:24 PM)Phoenix19 Wrote: 1)  Please note the up to date contact number for Samaritans in Ireland is now the same as the rest of the UK  -  " 116 123 "

2)  You might also like to show contact details for "Breathing Space" helpline as shown here:


Edited/added the info. Thanks Approve
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(24-08-2020, 10:46 PM)ladsnet Wrote:
(24-08-2020, 06:44 PM)Rascals Wrote: It would also be great if when you click on a thread, it brought you to the first unread post, rather than back to post 1 every time.

You need to click the green arrow

Fab, thank you  Shy
Probably not technically easy but a limit on the amount of text people can quote in a reply, and maybe a limit on the nesting of quotes. (Thinking of Romeo Beckham!)
In a discussion today one of the posters suggested that this is a "British English site".  Maybe, 3/4 of the mods are in the UK.  But what about the headcount?  I think that would be an interesting fact about the site, the worldwide reach.  Are you able to put together a distribution by georgraphy based on ISP address without it being a big headache?  (I sometimes click on a video on here and get the message: "Not available in your country".)

Divvy up the world into broad categories (your choice).  Maybe:
Other EU
Europe non-EU (PUllio states that he's in Iceland.  cool!)
North America
South America
Other (Caribbean, South Pacific, Tristan da Cunha)

Despite a rather small sample of 1300 so far, this might still be a good time to do it (with ISP address) because nobody is on holiday.  Nobody is going anywhere!

Alternatively do a poll. (Would everybody see it?)

It would be interesting. Approve
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Cool! Thank you. Approve

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