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The FAQ of FAQs - A newbies guide to famousmales
Here is a quick lighthearted guide to get you started on the forums.
Make sure you also read through the rules and get the most out of your new community.

What is famousmales?

famousmales or fmforums or fm or fmf is a web based messageboard and community for people with an interest in male celebrities (often in various states of undress).

We started in 2000 on a free messageboard platform called 'EZBoard'. In 2004 we'd outgrown that site and started the second fmforums on our own actual server. In 2020 one of the valves started to smoke badly so like all good fairies we moved to the clouds on this, the good ship famousmales III.

What should I do so that I don't get banned straight away?

1> Read the rules
2> Make sure you've got a working email address in your UserCP so that we can contact you if you make a mistake
3> Read the rules again

What do the Moderators do?

The moderators ‘police’ the forums making sure the rules are followed and helping out new members (allegedly).

Although the moderation may seem quite strict at times, without it the forums would fill with Spam, inappropriate and offensive posts, and would become unusable. This has happened to many other similar messageboards over the years, and we’re determined it won’t happen here.

What are inappropriate posts?

There’s some things we don’t allow. Porn & fake pictures are the main ones. Check the rules for full details.

Why are there 2 VIEW forums now?

On the old board, all image posts went in one place. Recently we have a lot of people posting footballers only. Lots of people moaned about this. Mainly Americans who don't understand football and the bloody gays who wanted a Quiche forum instead.
To shut them up we now have 2 VIEW forums. One for all the sportsmen and one that will never get used. 

I’ve got a picture of James Corden with his willy out. Can I post it?

Do you really want to? 
If so, and it’s genuine, doesn't come from porn or was 'leaked' without James Corden's consent - then yes.
Real ‘rude’ shots of male celebs ARE usually allowed (check the RULES). It’s the main reason we’re here.. but beware, there’s lots of fake pics around where people have digitally ‘added’ a big cock to James Corden.
Fakes are NOT allowed and you will be treated very harshly by other members if you post em.
Most fakes are easy to spot (cos they’re so bad) but if you’re unsure, send the pic to the mod-team and they’ll give the Yes/No. (After they checked it out thoroughly!)

How do I post a picture?

It can be tricky at first if you haven't used messageboards before.
See THIS TOPIC for help.

What are MyCodes?

Previously known as BBcodes on the old board, they let you type bold & italics & quotes & links and other cool stuff.

I’m looking at an old post and the pics aren’t working anymore.

We don't store the picture images on the board. Most people use free image hosting like
Sometimes the image hosting providers change things which results in photos being deleted. You can try requesting them to be reposted again. You may be lucky.

Can I swear on the forums?

Fuck yes!

Why are some celebs / sources blacklisted ?

For whatever reasons (known only to themselves) some celebs do not want their photos on this site. Similarly, some magazines, websites or other picture sources do not want their images reproduced on this site.
One of the only reasons that famousmales is still going, 20 years old and counting, is that it has always been our policy that if someone requests their pictures are not shown on here.. we will honour that and try to ensure it is honoured going forward.
That is why there is a Blacklist in the VIEW forums. Please stick to it.

I asked for pics of Norris Cole in SHOWBIZ VIEW. People are mocking me.

(a) You don’t ask for pictures in VIEW. You ask in the REQUEST STOP. VIEW forums are only for picture posting. Read the rules.
(b) You are Emily Bishop.

Can I post pics of famous males under 18?

To comply with laws around the world you must not post images of persons under the age of 18.


It is standard etiquette on the internet that typing in capitals means you are shouting or emphasising a point. So if you type everything in caps, it's like you're bawling your head off. Don't do it!
Can I ask “Who do you think’s got the biggest dick, Alan Smith or David Brooks?”

No. These are called Poll Posts (not to be confused with Poll Pott who was a famous drag queen who did 10 years at Blackpool Pier before moving to Cambodia) and are dull, and therefore not allowed.
('s Alan Smith. Obviously. He's hung like a donkey!)

Can I post " Who's the fittest soap actor?"

No. Because its BORING! We would just get loads of these lists.. all the time... and it's tres tres dull.
(Anyway.. everyone knows it's Harold Bishop)

Can I post "Message me for dirty chat about James Corden" ?


What are the 'SPECIAL' forums ?

Dedicated forums that we might open from time to time covering special events such as Eurovision, major sporting events or National Fish & Chip Week.
View Footfetish and View Donkeyporn - which only selected members can see

What are the best crisps?

Pickled Onion Monster Munch.
(wrote this in 2004. Still true)

I have a really great website. Can I post about it?

If you're posting pictures (plural!) then we allow you to end on 'more on my site' with a link. As long as its reasonable and you don't take the piss. If its obvious you are just using us for free advertising for your crappy Eldorado blog we'll put a stop to it.

I’m 21, have a well toned body, a 7” penis and am looking for similar.

Well this isn’t the place for that kind of thing thank you very much. Try one of the online dating services.
Lots of people have found new friends and even love on our forums, but only through time & getting to know people.
And anyway... you're really 58, live in a bungalow in Clacton and have no friends.

Where's the chatroom?

Coming soon.
Although we've been saying this since 2001. So don't hold your breath.

What are userlevels / ranks?

On the old board your userlevel was set depending on how good your posts are. (Z-list, C-list, B-list, A-list etc)
We can't be arsed with that anymore so now your rank is automatic and depends on the number of times you've posted. 

How do I become a moderator?

You have to wait until a present moderator dies. There'll be a week of mourning, and then you must wait until white smoke emerges from Southend Pier. Then a new moderator will be chosen.
Please Note: Citizens of Cornwall are not permitted to be moderators due to in-breeding regulations.

How do I contact moderators?

If its to complain about a specific post, click the 'REPORT' button on that post.
Otherwise click the PM button on one our posts, or on ' the staff ' link at the bottom of the page.

Why can't I post "I've heard 'Celeb X' is gay!" ?

Because unless they're 'out' people really don't like people spreading rumours about their sexuality. Especially celebs.
The larger fm has become, the more such rumours are spread and the more we get nasty legal letters in response. So please.. don't.

What's the favouritemales awards?

At the end of each year, all famousmales members vote on who they think is the sexiest man in the world. It's very tense, very close, very exciting. After a massive poll.. its either Tom Daley or Tom Holland. And then the gossip massif spend two weeks ripping each other to bits because "it should ov been Celeb XXX who I never even nominated but now I'm livid he should ov won!"

Who is the sexiest man in the world?

According to you (at time of printing).. Tom Holland. Although there is much informed debate about this (see above)

Anyway. You're all blind. It's still Alan Smith.

I've got a great question for this FAQ!!!

Post it in Support then.
We may add it to the next update... although it's more likely we'll throw it in the bin.
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Please read the rules and blacklist BEFORE posting

No porn, fakes, models, leaked sex/nudes, personal ads, spam, petitions or selling on the board. Pictures should be of famous male celebrities over 18.
We reserve the right to ban you from the service if the rules are broken.
No images are hosted on this site. All are hosted on individual members webspace. We do not claim any rights over images posted and assume the poster has permission to do so.
If you believe an image should not be displayed here please contact us to request removal.

By posting on the forums, you agree that you remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your messages. We reserve the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.

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