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Should straight actors play gay roles ?
and vice-versa ?
Surely the clue is in the word "acting"  - taking on a different character, portraying another person. The actor becomes someone else
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Using jumblers explanation... the vice-versa must be true
Gay people cannot play straight characters. "The odd missing look or gesture. Little things that make it more real."

So they shouldn't be picked for straight roles.

That'll go down well. I don't think.
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(19-01-2021, 05:20 PM)Heinrich Wrote: I do wonder why we cast so many Brits as Americans. Like, well, George Sear in Love, Victor! Big Grin

We're cheap!
[+] 1 user Likes pinkpunk's post
If you ask me, it's because British actors actually have to have talent. American actors can get through quite a while of their career by being good looking. Actors in the UK actually have to go to school at one of the various dramatic arts academies. That's how you get to try out for parts. You won't get an agent if you don't have the actual credentials and you don't get to just audition by yourself. I read about this online a month or so ago because I wondered why British actors often look like regular people and American actors don't, unless you're a "character actor".
That still doesn't explain why we hire so many Brits if we also hire a bunch of untrained meatheads. Casting actual talent only matters in the cheap indie films. Look at how many godawful big-budget blockbusters we give to complete idiots. Those are the films that can destroy a studio.
Yes, straight actors are actors as it says on the tin and should play bisexual or gay roles anyone that says different is an idiot.

@Heinrich, what godawful blockbusters are you whining about now.
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Heinrich, are you seriously telling me you have a problem with Chris Hemsworth playing Thor? Thor isn't an American god he is a Norse god.
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Should gay actors play straight roles ?
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(01-07-2022, 03:33 PM)DanzlCarry Wrote: I believe that a guy with a traditional orientation should not play gay roles because he is very bad at it. Although if the guy is bisexual, this is still possible, if the guy is straight, then no, this is complete nonsense

You need to watch Coronation Street there's a gay character there called Sean Tully who is played by a gay actor too and is easily the worst actor alive.
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Not gay-straight, but related.

A kerfuffle has erupted from Latinos in Hollywood from news that James Franco is set to play former Cuban president Fidel Castro in an upcoming film.

"He ain't Latino".  (Franco is from Portuguese and Swedish descent on his father Doug Franco's side while his mother, Betsy Franco, is of Russian Jewish descent)

John Leguizamo (born in Bogotá, Colombia) posted Deadline's casting news on Instagram, writing, "How is this still going on? How is Hollywood excluding us but stealing our narratives as well?"

Such is Hollywood.

So the casting debate transcends the gay-straight issue.
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Does a serial killer need to be played by a real one ? - yes maybe over the top but surely orientation doesn't necessarily mean they are the best for the role.
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Straight Actors should NEVER play Gay roles!

My Reasons are simple..  Our community will never reach the same balance
as the straight actors, not even near the same balance, if we don't try..

Going back in history, 95% of Gay Movies, suck!  We kinda all know it.  Truth
be told, we need better Gay Writers, as we need Gay Actors,

I'm Native American.  In celluloid history, my people have be waaaaaay played
by white people, Italians, Greek, etc.

Italian Roles.  Asian Roles.  Hell White People in Blackface, played Black Roles
back in the day.  There are tons of amazingly talented actors and actresses
out there, Gay, Straight, Native American, Korean, White, Indian, Mexican,

Why can't we reach out, with all the Casting Directions, Internet Abilities, and
Cast those that should be in the roles?

We also need Hollywood to change..  Especially those that are in Power... especially those that are Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, Pan, Queer, etc...  You need to stand up further..

There's a difference between movies like Bros, Philadelphia, and one of my faves...The Broken Hearts Club.   Bros...mostly all Gay Actors.  But a happy positive gay story, maybe..?  To be honest, didn't watch it, the Trailers make it looks like normal Crappie 90's Gay Movies.  Philadelphia....straight famous Actors, but...the storyline....Gays suffering, dying.  The Broken Hearts Club is a bit different...mostly Straight Actors...some Gay.  ...But a Crazy actual Happy and Fun Movie.  One about deeper connections, but one in a very few that are positive.

Why must Gay movies (mostly Cast Straight) , successful ones, are stories of suffering, death, or the killer is Gay or Trans?  While the unsuccessful ones (mostly cast Gay), are those with a upbeat, happy ones?  We can't get a Gay Writer, maybe even a Gay Director, and put out a Good Movie.  Deep.  Meaningful.  Fun.  With a Happy Ending..  One that Doen't involve 90% clubbing, parade, or gym scenes..  One that shows the LGBTQ community is more deeper than a simple rain puddle.  

Show that...  Maybe.  Just maybe... We'll begin to looked at, as more than just background characters.  More than just comedy cannon fodder (as in the very past).  Maybe we'll find our Robin Williams.  Our Denzel's.  Our Sally Field's.  And let's keep politics out of it!!  Let's focus on the Craft, keep that bullshit Diva stuff out of the way, until you've been in the business for 50 years, doing your thing.

Maybe then...we'll be respected better as artists.  But we need the right producers, directors and writers, behind us..

Maybe then Gay actors can play the roles written for us..
When you're talking about Hollywood it's all about the box office ($$$).
Indie films might be a different story.
I refer the honourable members to the reply I gave some months ago..

Quote:They're actors. They play other characters.
Why should you need to be a gay to play a pretend gay ??
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I agree. I saw a quote from Luke Evans (gay actor) who said that if he only played gay roles, he wouldn’t have a career.
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