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Just talk amongst yourselves
What for?
No reason was given. I checked around and it's been happening a lot to people.
Weird. Surely you have to do something to be reported??

I have wondered if web companies are getting off their asses and combing through profiles and content.

Pornhub has publicly been outed as having illegal content hosted, and they’ve deleted millions of videos (like 90% of their content) overnight.

Same seems to have been happening with Xtube. Wonder if Grindr is the next one.
PornHub removed 80% of the videos that were on there. From 13.5 million to 2.9 million videos.
From illegal, questionable videos. Unverified accounts have videos and pictures removed too.

Also take that you can download and rename a video & picture - I wonder how many of the videos/pictures were reuploads of others that were on there.
Sorry - not that I'm taking away from the illegal, questionable videos/pictures that were removed
Never done anything illegal or spammy on Grindr. The one thing I do is reinstall a lot, so I forget whom I've contacted and a couple people let me know how fed up they were. But I wasn't banned after they told me. I was banned in the middle of talking to someone I had been talking to respectfully.
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If you keep reinstalling it, why just not log into it?? I’ve left mine alone for a long time now, so it’s one of those “permanently backed-up in the cloud” apps.

I figure the system has shadowbanned you (or whatever they do), but at a higher level.
It'll be good for me, I think. The reinstalling is a form of anxiety. Like a smoker who wants to quit, relapses, fees guilt, throws the rest of a pack away, etc.

But that's my own thing.
(30-12-2020, 01:33 AM)jumbler Wrote: Same seems to have been happening with Xtube.

I just checked Xtube.  At least 2/3 of my flagged favorite videos have been deleted. Sad
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Honestly, I'm glad that's happening. There's too much questionable shit out there.
The stuff that I flagged was not kinky at all. Quite vanilla as matter of fact.
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Oh, I know you're no sex criminal.
Not that I disagree with you, but I find it suspicious it’s happening right now, after so many years. They could’ve gotten ahead of the curve and fixed it.

But no, they had to be threatened with removal of their credit card facilities.

However, I also question the motives of the accusers. Although they include women’s’ rights groups, many of them are ultra-conservative too, and anti-porn.
Some bits from a BBC article:
"A New York Times investigation accused the site of being "infested" with child-abuse and rape-related videos.
Pornhub's parent company MindGeek has previously said the claims made in the New York Times were "irresponsible and flagrantly untrue".
But the site has since removed its download function and said users must be verified to upload videos.
Pornhub said it had "zero tolerance" for child sexual abuse and used a combination of tools from Google, YouTube and Microsoft to help it detect and remove illegal material."
It brings us back to the whole Epstein/Maxwell/Andrew thing. The age of consent in some countries, and even different states in the US, varies a great deal.

Although there is a cut-off, I can’t really accept that a particular birthday marks a line in the sand. Beyond which the material is indecent.

Though again, you’ve got issues about whether people were coerced into performing, or whatever.

I don’t think it seems to affect guys as much as girls though, it’s just unfortunate they’ve been drawn into the same mess.
Child sex should be severely prosecuted and punished.  Zero tolerance.
Forget about the various ages of consent.  Just take the maximum and go with that across the board.
I've never seen any on Xtube and I don't go to PornHub.
Still, the majority of my favorite vanilla sex videos on Xtube have disappeared.  Sad
True that. I’m just concerned that we’re entering a new age of censoriousness and filtering. Instagram is notorious for deleting images, or banning users who post gay-friendly content.

You’d think men were born without pubes... Confused
There has to be a line somewhere because murky lines are impossible to enforce. Much like here. I know all about UK age of consent and whatever but it clearly made it too ambiguous with the American legality of the board and porn laws.

I'm inclined to agree with Parsi. And honestly when it comes to online porn, much like student loans, I think naive young people, even at 18, are easily manipulated into doing it a lot of the time.

This reckoning is very close to coming to TikTok and other popular forms of social media. It's poorly regulated and leads to kids being victimized. They need to be protected more than we need to see our 8000th scene of porn.
(30-12-2020, 12:57 AM)Heinrich Wrote: I just got banned from Grindr.

Stop bragging you’ve got five balls and the biggest dick.
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Apparently it's happened to an inordinate amount of people today. All around the same time.
I don't get their photo rules.

If I show even a bit of bare wrist, the photo is disallowed.
Yet some of the people on their have very rude piccies indeed.
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