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Poppies / Remembrance
This could get a bit heated, but it comes from some comments in one of the View threads..

When I was a kid, poppies were to remember those fallen in WW1 and WW2.  Veterans of which were still alive.  The funds raised by selling poppies went to care for those veterans, to maintain their war graves and memorials.

I 110% respect this. This country was threatened and young men were conscripted and gave their lives to defend our freedom.

Nowadays.. it seems that poppies are to remember all those injured or killed in service for their country. So, as very few WW1 or WW2 vets are left, we're now including Iraq 1 & 2 and Afghanistan etc.
Plus we now have the situation where if you don't wear a poppy or proclaim your remembrance, you are castigated or frowned upon. Like being seen to do it is more important than what you actually think.

Agree ? Disagree ?

Do you buy & wear a poppy ?
No. They've been weaponised by the right and beat down on those not wearing them.

I like my mum's approach, pop a couple of quid into the tin and leave the poppy.
I haven't worn a poppy since I was at school and we were made to wear them,

I feel much the same as 9in - I can appreciate the point of doing something charitable for ex-servicemen & women, but the way it has become a stick to beat people who choose not to wear a poppy is just crass. The irony is so many of those who attack others for not wearing them are also the first to scream "virtue signalling" at the likes of Marcus Rashford for suggesting we should feed kids,

The irony is clearly lost on them,
Not worn a poppy in years but I do donate to RBL almost every year.
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Not just me then.

If the poppy fund was 100% for veterans of the World Wars and maintaining their history, memorials and graves then I'd definitely donate. Like 9ins mum, I wouldn't take a poppy. Don't see the point.

I don't know when it suddenly became all about 'our heroes' of modern campaigns, none of which with the possible exception of the Balkans, I agreed with
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I do buy and wear a poppy - though didn't actually get a physical poppy this year as I donated online due to the lockdown - normally I'd put money in a collecting tin somewhere

However I respect the opinions of those who don't wish to wear one for whatever reason and also dislike the way politicians (mostly Tory right-wingers) and broadcasters seem to fall over themselves each year to be the first to be seen wearing one.
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