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Poll: UK - what type of lockdown should we now be in ?
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Local tiered semi-lockdowns
2 16.67%
Total full national lockdown
10 83.33%
No lockdown at all
0 0%
Total 12 vote(s) 100%
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Poll of the Week
Lockdown ?
I may get bored of this after 1 week but lets see.

This week....

I'm thinking about the UK here..
Carry on with local semi-lockdowns? National all-out lockdown? No lockdowns at all ?
A lot of scientists seem to be suggesting local lockdowns aren't effective,

I'd go with the idea floated of a brief national lockdown - 2 weeks or so - just to get the infection rate down,
I really don’t know.

I’m torn about a full lockdown because I think it’ll affect too many people’s livelihoods and mental health. There’s a report today that says local lockdowns don’t work. Lockdowns don’t eradicate the virus they just kick the ball further down the road until restrictions are eased again and infections start rising again.
The effective course of action does not depend on whether lockdown is national or localised, but rather whether the population understands how to break chains of infection.

Say that a house or flat is shared by five young adults, and one of the five is infected but asymptomatic. With that household under lockdown, we still could not be reasonably confident of outcome. Depending on the personal habits of the five, perhaps no one else or everyone in the household will become simultaneously infected during the lockdown period, or the virus can work its way through the five one by one so that even after six weeks of lockdown there’s still someone infectious. See? People have to understand that the point of drastic action signalled by ‘lockdown’ has to extend to vigilance and caution even within households, ideally down to the level of each individual.

So, provided that can be explained to people, it would suffice to have localised lockdowns. The duration of a lockdown period can’t be guaranteed; it may have to be extended, depending on whether infection rates come down sufficiently.

It also has to be driven into the skulls of those who are not under lockdown in their region, that they have to voluntarily limit their contacts, too, or else it will only be a matter of time before they see lockdown.
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I've also gone for a full national lockdown - the brief "circuit breaker" that has been suggested, to drive down the number of infections and allow time to sort out the mess that is Test and Trace so it is working properly.
Earlier this year the Tory party declared that a 2nd national lockdown would not only be a disaster for the country but it would also signal that the Government had failed.

With this in mind, Dorris cannot afford to impose a full national lockdown as this would show to everyone that he is all talk and no serious action.

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