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Poll: Will you install or have you installed a COVID-19 tracer app??
You do not have permission to vote in this poll.
16 57.14%
12 42.86%
Total 28 vote(s) 100%
* You voted for this item. [Show Results]

NHS Covid-19 app
contact tracer app
Are you going to install the NHS contact tracer app (or if you are in a country that already has an app, did you install it?)
This is my sig, it's the only one of its kind
Undecided at the moment.

Is it not going to be another world beating shambles ?

I went to the official NHS contact tracer app website last night and there wasn't even any links to the app stores to download it. Hence today apparently loads of people have downloaded the wrong app.

And unless I'm mistaken, which is possible because apart from a couple of mentions on the news I've seen zero publicity about it, isn't one of the features that you scan a QR code at the door of shops etc, which then helps to track where you've been and who you meet ?
I went shopping this morning and zero stores I went in had any QR codes on display for the app.
Argh, didn't think to add a third option and people have already voted, so too late now.
This is my sig, it's the only one of its kind
I voted No but I don't have a suitable 'phone.
Still none the wiser about the checking in thing.
Some places say its pubs and restaurants only. Some say its shops too.
Voted no,

Same reason as TzukeNut - I don't own a smartphone, KK
I've downloaded it to show willing - I don't intend going anywhere though!
I've stewarded a place using the QR codes this morning, the one issue that's confusing people is the lack of a logout from a place, getting non techhies to understand that the phone location will automatically log you out once you leave the logged in venue is a little difficult. One further development I've heard discussed is the option to offer people automatic logins to previously visited places after an initial QR scan. That could save a lot of faffing around but in turn adds complexity to the novice.
Did everyone see this tweet:

This question posted in response seems relevant:
This is my sig, it's the only one of its kind
(26-09-2020, 09:35 AM)Tiuri Wrote: Did everyone see this tweet:

This question posted in response seems relevant:

The app is anonymous so people aren't concerned about their personal data being stored or used. By having a facility which links your NHS medical data, it would no longer be anonymous. That would be my best assumption anyway.
I've downloaded the app for Scotland which is called "Protect Scotland" - it doesn't have a QR scanner or the other add ons like the England one but maybe one or two bits will be added in the future Smile
I voted no, my smartphone isn't up to date enough
I am very sceptical of government (across the world)s’ response to the COVID outbreak. We have moved on an enormous deal since it began in March, and there also enormous, mind-blowing numbers of rules, and restrictions in place - not all of which make sense - but which have reduced the amount of free contact and travel people are able to have.

It basically isn’t possible to go out and about, to the pub, shops, on holiday, wherever, as much or as often as you used to without having to go through check-in procedures, quarantine, etc.

To me, that makes making the same sort of leisure choices redundant. Why would you want to go out and engage with, and support this system?? Perhaps it’s easier for me - I don’t have heaps of mates on call, and always seeking to meet up with them. I don’t feel the need to drag myself to city centre shops, or even the supermarket, on a regular basis.

So the idea of the app being useful is completely redundant. Due to travel options being limited, or just being unable to visit places I wanted to, I rescheduled my June holiday until next year. And am planning to do the same for the October one I would’ve taken. Didn’t book anything in August precisely because of the outbreak, and the realisation that many places would still be closed, or only half-open, when they should’ve been back to normal way before then.

I also can’t see any point whatsoever in getting tested. If (and it’s a massive if as far as I’m concerned), if I become so ill I have to be dragged to hospital (certainly wouldn’t take myself in there if I wasn’t a serious case), then I’ll be tested anyway. I cannot see why I would want to apply for a test voluntarily. I would self-isolate if I met all of the rules (and I mean all of them), but I’m relatively cool with that because work will let me have the time off no worries, and I’ve switched to having online food deliveries anyway.

Seriously can’t understand why you’d would want try (and fail) to follow a pre-COVID lifestyle until all of the dumb rules are binned for good. So I therefore don’t feel any acute sense of fear or insecurity of wanting to know whether anyone I’ve been standing a few metres from has been showing symptoms or not. Really couldn’t care less.

I’ve barely been to any shop since March (even buy petrol contactlessly), and have only been on one long weekend away since then. Certainly not going to pay £100s to have a relaxing break only to see it ruined by closures, or isolation when I come home. The only other place I’ve been to regularly is work, but that is about it.

I’m also struggling to understand why the world believes Covid is as highly contagious as Ebola or bubonic plague. Only 18% of the population is estimated to be at risk (and less than 0.001% have ultimately died from it). My understanding is most victims fitted some sort of risk profile. Or had spent extended periods in the company of another carrier. Whether that was unintentional or not, they didn’t limit their contacts.

But if you think it’s right to affect tens of millions of people’s jobs, and ultimately the ability of the government and the NHS to continue to work, not to mention people who work in professional services (lawyers, accountants), voluntary sector, charities, artists and cultural industries, not to mention retail and hospitality, and take £100bns not just out of our economy, but across the world, and reducing hundreds of millions of people into poverty, then of course, go for a test, keep buying into the system. Well done. The Government will just simply use it to justify further lockdown restrictions for as long as they can get away with it. Only a parliamentary vote will stop the Health Protection Regulations in their tracks.

I’ve not even covered the fact the government is basically trying to rule by decree, bypassing parliament in a way that even Tory MPs think is wrong (which again, is the same all across the world). That is exactly what dictatorships do. Johnson and Hancock couldn’t even be bothered to declare a state of emergency, for God’s sake. Although they do have form, attempting to prorogue parliament last year. They richly deserve to lose the 2024 election.

Or even the fact that Johnson wants to spend £100bn on testing (which almost as much as we actually spend on the NHS budget, or state pensions). Is it really worth spending so much money on testing that either the NHS stops working properly, or the Government gets seriously into debt?? Which it’s going to do anyway, due to lockdown/Health Protection Regulations/reduced economic activity/lost jobs/less tax income??

What is actually the right way to go?? Get tested, or just get back to normal in a more sensible way?? But more quickly??

(27-09-2020, 11:18 AM)the_scouser Wrote: I voted no, my smartphone isn't up to date enough
To me, this says it all. By only restricting access to the latest handsets, the Government had made the app - and it’s success - self-limiting.

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