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Joe McFadden - Jack - 14-01-2022

Some not-so-good photos from an old 'Taggart' episode (he is 18-19 at the time) plus miscellaneous pictures from the 1990s, he sure was a pretty lad then:

[Image: loaNc7h.jpg]

[Image: qs3sSyL.jpg]

[Image: rRqgi1H.jpg]

[Image: 4lAoPRG.jpg]

[Image: MUjwJUf.jpg]

[Image: 0n7kmTs.jpg]

[Image: qY6bCCs.jpg]

[Image: bipEjsZ.jpg]

[Image: IeERxV4.jpg]

[Image: vVxQoMa.jpg]

[Image: IsDQ4hW.jpg]

[Image: RhwAHYh.jpg]

[Image: VIGu9T3.jpg]

[Image: flK3k2J.jpg]

[Image: Y3vJUY2.jpg]

[Image: 5vwZxq7.jpg]

[Image: ayNarjh.jpg]

[Image: y3LmnmE.jpg]

[Image: vT166SU.jpg]

[Image: kcgEc8H.jpg]

[Image: mnMu69T.jpg]

[Image: ussHqGi.jpg]

[Image: kiaZdff.jpg]

[Image: bUoWyJA.jpg]

[Image: 0xsvaB7.png]

[Image: uAGSoD6.jpg]

[Image: gDm46lG.jpg]

[Image: Lb2q3em.jpg]

RE: Joe McFadden - manmode - 14-01-2022

I've had a crush on Joe since he starred in Crow Road (1996). Here's photo of Joe's tasty arse and some GIFs from BBC TV drama Sparkhouse (a modern retelling of Wuthering Heights from 2002).

[Image: MKHw7xf.jpg]

[Image: 5eFgfb6.gif]

[Image: UzPrkhN.gif]

[Image: gUbWq59.gif]

[Image: SeGhur5.gif]

[Image: DZ5n9mc.gif]

RE: Joe McFadden - Jack - 14-01-2022

Thanks, Manmode! He has a great bum!

RE: Joe McFadden - vikingdk - 14-01-2022

The first pictures come from the main Danish public television station ?

RE: Joe McFadden - Jack - 14-01-2022

Yes indeed! This was on last night.

RE: Joe McFadden - Bobbydazzler - 15-01-2022

Mmm lovely rump on joe

RE: Joe McFadden - Luckydog2020 - 15-01-2022

He sure was handsome back in the day and that naked arse shot is something else Tug

RE: Joe McFadden - the_scouser - 16-01-2022

His arse looks good there