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Keanu Reeves - Jack - 24-11-2021

Just 'cause he's cute:

[Image: K4aXeQE.jpg]

[Image: al4F8gw.jpg]

[Image: HsnDvt4.jpg]

[Image: 1PGBfDN.jpg]

[Image: mZsIYMp.png]

[Image: 9ta02A7.jpg]

[Image: d1AafPK.jpg]

[Image: zDxmCjv.jpg]

[Image: YTlzqBc.jpg]

[Image: RHo7q9y.jpg]

[Image: 8kSy4oq.jpg]

[Image: hNZ4ml2.jpg]

[Image: uMXpsFQ.jpg]

[Image: coLl1Wv.jpg]

[Image: faYhmuv.jpg]

[Image: 8dOQAlQ.jpg]

[Image: SlcssO6.jpg]

[Image: mS6ixbJ.jpg]

RE: Keanu Reeves - beherenow88 - 25-11-2021

He was (and still is) so beautiful. And by most accounts, a genuinely sweet person.

RE: Keanu Reeves - JJ1 - 25-11-2021

Not only good looking but talented!

RE: Keanu Reeves - Luckydog2020 - 25-11-2021

JJ1 Wrote:Not only good looking but talented!

Totally agree   Rolleyes

Loved him in My Private Idao  Heart

RE: Keanu Reeves - Ligotti - 26-11-2021

He was my first Cush and the fact he’s aged amazingly and I’d apparently a really lovely person makes me feel weirdly validated lol.