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Euro 2020 - ladsnet - 11-06-2021

Well I've put my bet on.

Wales to win

I know its a long shot, but they're 125/1 and cute.  Kerching !

Not seeing the usual level of chav-fan hysteria this time. Flags, car-flags etc. Seems very subdued.

RE: Euro 2020 - Ollie2UK - 12-06-2021

There's definitely a more subdued vibe this time. I think the lack of hordes of England fans descending on a host city and wrecking the place has taken the edge off for some. No doubt interest will pick up once the team plays though.

Not much to say about the football so far. Christian Eriksen's misfortune this afternoon was really hard to watch and I felt for his team mates having to form a wall around him to give him some privacy while the medics worked. Just hope he's going to recover and at least the news is positive tonight.

RE: Euro 2020 - jdcyl - 12-06-2021

One wonders if Eriksen had received his second dose of mRNA vaccine within the last two weeks.  Since younger age groups have been vaccinated, there’s a higher incidence rate of heart inflammation in young males (teens, twenties, thirties) than expected, after the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna.  No causal link has been established, but the numbers are not normal.  It would feel like a heart attack, with very sharp chest pain.

RE: Euro 2020 - JCarter - 12-06-2021

Haha jd I was thinking the same thing if Christian's collapse was because of the vaccine but I felt I was being too opportunist. Lol. No player in the history of the sport has just dropped unconscious in the decades of football until the rollout of vaccines, not that I'm saying the vaccines are responsible. Just having a discussion.

RE: Euro 2020 - jdcyl - 12-06-2021

Of course there have been professional footballers who have collapsed on the field in a match before.  (e.g.: Fabrice Muamba, Bolton in 2012)

Still, it’s unexpected for such fit athletes.