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In order to protect you, us and to keep famousmales the site we want it to be, we have a number of rules setting out what you can and cannot post. These are the terms and conditions of your use of our website. Please ensure that you have read and understood them before posting any message or images.

You are wholly responsible for what you post on the forums. By posting, you agree that you remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your messages. We reserve the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.


The following must not be posted on famousmales:
This includes the public boards and your private message system. The term 'images' includes pictures and video. If in any doubt whether a post may break one of these rules, please contact a moderator for clarification before posting.

No images, or links to images, of porn stars, porn films, sites or magazines. No images, or links to images, of any person who has ever done porn - even if they have since made a career in another field.
The moderators reserve the right to decide what is classified as porn.

Images taken from celebrity Home Sex Video or explicit images (ie: engaging in private sexual activity) released without their permission are not permitted.

No images that have been digitally altered to make them more revealing than they actually are (eg: a celebrity head photoshopped onto a naked body).

To comply with local laws, you must not post images of persons under the age of 18 or images of persons which were taken when they were under the age of 18.

For the purposes of this site, we define a famous male as: "a male made famous through sport or the media (news, music, movies, TV - including 'reality' or even quiz show contestants, digital media*".
* We class Youtubers, 'stars' of Instagram, TikTok or other online bloggers as famous if their channel has over 500,000 subscribers.. or they have also become famous through 'traditional' media.
* Sportsmen should be professional not amateur or college (excepting those amateur sports allowed in the Olympic Games (eg Athletics) and in these cases sportsmen should be of an international standard) unless specifically authorised by the mod team.
Pictures of male models are not permitted unless they are also classed as 'famous' under one of the above categories.

Any photo or video clip taken from the audience or rehersal of a stage play or theatrical performance unless a promotional image released for distribution by the theatre/production company.

Due to various reasons (legal, copyright etc) there are famousmales and images we cannot allow on the site. At the top of each picture forum we will post a list of these 'Blacklisted' males.
No images, or links to images, of persons listed in the Blacklist. You must not use the forums to ask other members to send you content that is blacklisted.

Fiction involving the sexual exploits of famous males is not permitted.

Offensive or bullying posts regarding other users will not be tolerated. Homophobic, xenophobic or racist posts may result in your immediate banning.
No posts which may result in legal action against the forums - including questioning or discussing the possible sexuality of a famous male who is not publicly "out".

No links to files or sites which may result in action being taken against famousmales for copyright reasons.

No content from Attitude or Gay Times magazine (print or digital) is alllowed. You may post images scanned from other magazines but you must not post entire scanned interviews or article text.

12. SPAM
You must not post a topic, or link to a site, where the aim is financial gain either for yourself or others (including donations or funding for a charity or service without our express permission), dating or collecting information for a project (educational or business). This includes advertising, selling schemes, ebay sales, affiliate links, points-for-click sites, harvesting sites, petitions, surveys or linking to your profile on dating sites. Also please note the restrictions below on linking to your own website or blog.

You must not post any photograph, email address or any other personal details of yourself or any another member.

Topics started with the sole aim of attention seeking, will be removed. Any post in agony threatening suicide or self harm will be removed.

Do not edit or reply to your own post with the sole intention of moving it up to the top of the topic list. Bumped topics will be deleted.


Posting on the board

Images should only be posted from your own webspace or an image hosting account used by yourself. You should not directly link images them from another site. Your posting will be removed and you may be cautioned or banned if you are reported to be 'leeching' images.

You may reply to a picture post to share your views on the image or subject, but please remember it can be offensive to criticise a topic or picture when the posting member has taken the time and effort to find, sometimes scan, upload and post it. Members who continually do nothing but criticise other members pictures may be cautioned. When replying to a picture topic, do not quote the original pictures in your reply.

If you see a post that breaks the rules please contact a moderator via the "Report This Post" button. Do not use the public forums to start an argument.
Note - The "Report This Post" button is only to be used for postings that break the forum rules. It is not to be used because you simply disagree with what other people say. Continued misuse of the button may result in warnings being issued.

Linking to your Blog or Website

You may link to your website, blog or forum in a picture post providing that:

  • your site contains neither pornographic nor offensive material or images (excluding advertisements).
  • your site or blog does not contain content that is banned on famousmales (linking to your site to get around the blacklist)
  • your advertising is not deemed to be excessive or that you are posting for the sole purpose of driving traffic to your site - You should be posting pictures to share them on the forums, not solely as a channel to your site. A selection of pictures followed by "more on my site" with a link is acceptable - just posting one or two images and "visit my site" is not.
    The topic title must relate directly to the pictures contained within. Posting a title "Shirtless Ben" and then pictures of a clothed Ben with a link to shirtless pictures on your site is not permitted.
  • if the images posted are thumbnails then the full picture should open on it's own page not on your blog/site.
  • it is your active website or blog, not a referral link for personal gain.

You must stop linking to your site or blog if requested to do so by our moderators. Other members posting topics "advertising" your site will be considered to be you advertising your site by proxy.

Which forum to post in

Each area of the site is dedicated to a specific subject or type of posting. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the layout and post your message in the correct forum.

The VIEW forums are for posting images and videos of famousmales. The REQUEST forum is for requesting images. The other forums are for discussions of various topics.

The VIEW forum is for pictures to be posted, not links to sites containing pictures. The first posting in each topic in VIEW should contain images.

Warnings, Suspensions and Bans

It is clearly stated before you register and on every page of the forums that you should be aware of our rules. It is therefore assumed that all members posting on the boards have read, understood and agreed to abide by the rules of the forums. Any breach of the rules therefore may incur a warning or ban.

Warnings are issued for minor breaches of the rules. Your warning level is shown under your username as a number between 0 and 3. Three warnings equals a ban. Bans are permanent.
If you disagree with a warning or the removal of a picture or topic, please contact the moderators via email or private messaging. Do not use the public forums.

Avatars and Signatures

Your avatar must be an image 80 x 80 pixels or less. It must be less than 100kB in size.
Your signature must be text only and limited to 3 lines with a maximum 80 characters per line. Font size should be not be larger than the standard forum text.

All the above rules as to what you cannot post apply to your avatar and signature also. You may use a self photo as your avatar but no naked pictures are allowed.
Signatures may be disabled in some forums.
You may be able to add a larger personal picture to your profile screen. If used, this must not be of an adult nature.



Membership & Our Privacy Policy

You must be aged 18 or over to join these forums. All sections of the forum are viewable without registering - you only need to register if you wish to post a message.

Upon registering you will choose a username to identify yourself and your posts. This will become your identity on the board. You are allowed one username only. Please choose your username carefully as it is not possible to change username at a later date. You are allowed one account. You must not re-register under a different username. Security measures exist to prevent this happening. If you attempt to register under multiple usernames this will be detected and all your accounts will be suspended.

The email address you register with us can be altered at any time by you, this email address can only be seen by site administrators. It will only be used for us to contact you if the need arises and to enable you to subscribe to topic notifications (if you so wish). If we attempt to contact you and cannot because your email address is not working we will suspend your account.

The only personal information we hold on you is your email address, username and any optional data you have added to your profile (eg your location)
We do not send out newsletters or mass communications. We will never sell your data to other organisations or for any marketing use. We will never pass on your email address to any third parties unless we are legally obliged to do so.

On registering, you will be asked to choose a password. It is your responsibility to remember this and keep it secret. You will be held responsible for any messages posted under your name if another person gains access to your account.

Cookies and your IP Address

We collect information about your IP address in order to maintain a safe environment for our users.

Cookies are a small text file that is transferred to your hard drive or the internal memory of your mobile device and help you to personalise your experience with our site, allowing you to stay signed in while you browse the site. They let the forum remember which topics you have read, what is new to you and what you have commented on. We may also use cookies to track affiliate activity on advertisements displayed on the site and to monitor visitor statistics using services such as Google Analytics.

The cookies on this site do not share any of your personal data with us, and we would never use any information derived from cookies to try to identify anybody. We will never share any data with third parties. If you want to find out more about cookies or if you want to know how to delete or control the cookies that are stored on your computer you can visit


Image Ownership and Copyright Issues

famousmales a picture sharing service. Members of the forums post images hosted on their own webspace (personal or an image hosting service in their name). No images are stored on our servers.

Topics are posted in real time. We have no control over what members post to the boards - we can only edit, moderate and remove after the event. If a copyright violation has occurred, we will remove the picture but we cannot be held responsible for what is posted. If you have shared pictures publically via social media then we deem you to have released said pictures to the world. We will allow such pictures to be posted on our forums and will usually reject any request to remove them.


If you have any questions about the rules, about something not covered by the rules or anything else regarding the forums, please post your question in the support forum or contact a moderator for assistance.

We cannot be held responsible for any false, offensive or otherwise unacceptable content on this message board. All email addresses collected by the forum software will not be used for any purpose other than forum related email. We guarantee that they will not be sold or given to any other company or person. Breaches of our terms and conditions will be dealt with as appropriate ranging from warnings and suspensions to permanent bans. Illegal activity on the forums may be reported to your ISP and the police in extreme cases.
We reserve the right to make amendments to these terms & conditions at our discretion.


Please read the rules and blacklist BEFORE posting

No porn, fakes, models, leaked sex/nudes, personal ads, spam, petitions or selling on the board. Pictures should be of famous male celebrities over 18.
We reserve the right to ban you from the service if the rules are broken.
No images are hosted on this site. All are hosted on individual members webspace. We do not claim any rights over images posted and assume the poster has permission to do so.
If you believe an image should not be displayed here please contact us to request removal.

By posting on the forums, you agree that you remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your messages. We reserve the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.

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