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Timothée Chalamet and Jason Momoa
Deadline Magazine | 24 Nov 2021

[Image: tumblr_b9f93eda5e24e64cf5d8e3809883c3e1_...fit=bounds]

[Image: tumblr_1e1e4d4ff187345e55d7ea5c4f46ef23_...fit=bounds]

[Image: tumblr_81e9a94820519de638aa3a63828e45f2_...fit=bounds]

[Image: tumblr_2e843d8dc0e2a06d84bc09e70d5cd5e1_...fit=bounds]

[Image: tumblr_f6314e8a7a7e147aed0319df4e7a64f6_...fit=bounds]

Woooooof those cheekbones.
Jason Mamoa needs a stylist!!
badly !!! ?
(25-11-2021, 06:26 PM)luv_Machine22 Wrote: [ -> ]Jason Mamoa needs a stylist!!
Tim's beauty shines out in this crowd Tongue