Full Version: Has celebrities sex tapes devalued porn?
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I'll try and put it in better words.  Has been caught wanking on cam now acceptable?. The likes of Joel dommett having a wanking video circulating the web hasn't stopped him getting some very prime gigs on TV.
Is it now some right of passage to get your junk out.  Get hard and wank yourself until you spurt a load to now get work?.
Don't get me wrong I love a celebrity willy. 
Your views
Quote:Has celebrities sex tapes devalued porn?

I find celebrity sex tapes to be painfully boring. Sleepy 
So for me it hasn't.

(23-09-2021, 03:38 PM)Stone523 Wrote: [ -> ]Is it now some right of passage to get your junk out.

Let's hope so. Approve  (in a casual relaxed way please - for example Orlando Bloom Big Grin )

(23-09-2021, 03:38 PM)Stone523 Wrote: [ -> ]Get hard and wank yourself until you spurt a load to now get work?.

I like it, get to see the male celeb naked.
But I find it a bit of a shame that some celebs have been caught, like with Joel Dommett, Lee Ryan and some others, in where they get caught out by having a wank over Skype and it gets recorded without them knowing that. There are few tapes that are out there, in where the people in the tape know that they are being recorded, like with Rio Ferdinand.
Just like a number of other amature porn, bad quality video. Wish that the videos would be a better quality.

There's a former GAA player who did gay porn, a gay for pay thing. He needed the money to pay off some gambling debts.

Would like it if some celebs did a sex/wank/bj tape and it was long and in good quality.

Saw 9 Songs at the cinema, and have a copy of the film. It stars Kieran O'Brien. The film has real sex between the two leads, Kieran O'Brien and Margo Stilley, having sex and oral. Would like to see more of that in films.
Yes I have seen Cathals videos. He did seem into it and knew what was involved in the whole gay porn industry.
Did Cathal doing porn devalue porn for you?
This is a very curious thread,

Porn is not high art. It's difficult to understand how a celebrity getting their bits out "devalues" porn in general. It's all just wank material at the end of the day, Tug
If the celeb gets recorded without them knowing that they are, then yeah, it sorta does.

But if they know and are willing, like with Cathal McCarron, who did gay for pay. Then that would make it okay, cause they are know that they are being recorded and that people are going to watch them have sex and that.
If a celebrity knows that he is being recorded does it necessarily imply that he knows that the recording will be made public?  Are there cases where he might think that it will be kept private?
A bit off topic but I've always wondered why there isn't a film genre in between mainstream and porn. In mainstream films where there's sex you might get a sex scene shot in low light, some blurry humping from a distance, a close up of a bum if you're lucky and a cum face, all wrapped up in 20 seconds, but you don't ever see anything good, or unsimulated and in real time like you do in porn. Maybe there are porn films out there with a good storyline, good acting and plot but that's just passed me by? if so do point me in the right direction  Tongue
9 Songs
Look up soft core pornography. Many gay indie films also feature a bunch of soft porn scenes.
There's a number of films like that, where it's just softcore.

A handful of films that have actual shagging in them

9 Songs a mainstream film that had full on sex and a blowjob.
[Image: 9songs-stilley-n-hd-09.jpg]
[Image: 9songs-stilley-n-hd-10.jpg]
[Image: 9songs-stilley-n-hd-12.jpg]