Full Version: Bradley Simpson Shirtless (The Vamps)
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Very hot!
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Fucking hell! I think he'll be the one helping me sleep tonight.
[Image: A4sRHlU.jpg][Image: W7QfdMW.jpg]
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[Image: vOBcPet.jpg]
Someone on Insta called him "One Sexy C*nt" and I can't find better words to describe good old Bradley...
Omg a hot & sweaty Brad so sexy. I would gladly help him undress when he got backstage
He has that thing where he is fit, but he also looks soft and smooth. I bet his plump ass would feel great to fuck or spank. Also: his chest looks great.
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He looks like a young Jared Leto.
(15-09-2021, 03:17 PM)Kev Wrote: [ -> ]He looks like a young Jared Leto.

Louis Walsh on FMF  Big Grin
Now that stud I'd do so much to the view from behind must be mouth watering  Wink I'd rip those pants open and dive in to that ass maybe next time he can perform naked
Such a beautiful person, inside and out Tug
Fucking hell he looks good! Tug
Sexy as Fuck