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Just wondering if there is a problem with the boards view count?
Or whether I have my settings messed up.
The Matty Lee thread from yesterday is showing no views, also what is the number that is in the box to the left of the number of replies?

[Image: Y6EGTKs.png]
Thats the number of likes.

Not sure why the views is zero. Odd that.
I think its only affecting instagram posts.

More digging required though..
Why are the likes now being shown next to the replies?
Why not ?

We've updated the board and all the plugins.
This was one of the changes.
Cool, no problem
Are these views being stored for later?? Or just being ignored until the fault’s been tracked??

(Ignored by the system, I mean).
Not sure.
I assume the database is logging them and its just not showing them, but it might not even be logging them.
There's definitely been a downturn in hits/thread views since this started. Confused
Yes. They aren’t showing up views in the way you’d expect. Some posts aren’t clocking up anything.
I don't get you.

There is an issue where a thread is not registering view count if it contains an instagram or twitter embed in the topic.
We know about that. That is what this topic is about.

Are you saying that other topics are affected? Ones that don't contain a social media embed ?
If so.. please give us an example because we haven't seen this and nobody else has reported it.

We are investigating the issue and have logged it with myBB, but to be honest.. its a low level problem. Does it really matter how many views a topic has got?
The original post that I started this thread about was actually not an embedded instagram topic.  
All my pictures are posted on imgur.
Does that make a difference?
Not sure
That Matty Lee thread is now showing over 900 views
Still a bit of an issue.

My Matt Morton thread, 1 comment, no views
(06-11-2021, 12:27 AM)Hugh Wrote: [ -> ]My Matt Morton thread, 1 comment, no views

I just viewed the thread.
Get the white box on the left and 1 reply 0 views.
It was reported to the board software providers but they don't seem in any hurry to fix the issue.
Looks like it's still an issue

[Image: A48M4Rv.jpg]
both are insta posts
If you post a picture post and then wait a while and post another comment t with the insta link in it then the views will register
ha...i thought i was the only one noticing this issue...

[Image: PS6q8fO.jpg]