Full Version: How to keep track of new and your own posts (for both new and experienced users)
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On busy days there may be dozen of new posts and hundreds of new replies to existing posts. It's easy to lose track of which thread you've read and which pictures you've seen.
Fortunately, the board offers you some assistance in navigating all these new posts and replies.

On the main index page, looks for these icons:
[Image: 3M5tVOx.png]
These will tell you (as stated in the description) whether that particular sub-forum contains new posts or not.

Once you're looking at a sub-forum, looks for these icons:
[Image: ctL9aPR.png]
The descriptions speak for themselves.

Within a thread, click the green arrow to go to the latest unread reply in that thread:
[Image: y5kjeh7.png]

If you're a dedicated follower of fashion  follower of a particular sub-forum, say, Showbiz View, you can subscribe to the entire forum. Click the relevant link:[Image: Joq5sUe.png]
This option is located top right of every sub-forum. When you are subscribed to a forum, the link changes to "Unsubscribe from this forum".

You will get a PM when a new post is created in that particular forum (plus in your User CP, you can even enable the option to get an email for each new PM).

So what if you're only interested in a particular thread and not the entire forum?
You can, of course, subscribe to a single thread. At the bottom of each thread, these options are always visible:
[Image: mEAjqVh.png]

Click the "Subscribe to this thread" option and you will get a PM when a new reply is added to your subscribed threads.

If you've gone crazy and subscribed to too many threads, go to your User CP and look for these options:
[Image: ECgGT97.png]

The two links provide a handy overview of your subscribed threads and forums.

When you start a new post, at the bottom of your new post, you can select to subscribe or not with various notifications:
[Image: BVMA6T3.png]

In your User CP you can set the default subscription option:
[Image: ECdFvcE.png]

Finally, although the board does keep track automatically, sometimes you just want a fresh start.
[Image: Joq5sUe.png]
Select the "Mark this forum read" to start with a clean slate.

If you want an even cleaner slate Wink you can do the same for all forums at once by clicking "Mark all forums read" in this grey bar at the bottom of the page:
[Image: fQ1uzNu.png]
or by using the same option at the top of the page to the right, directly below the red bar