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Sometime I get
[Image: GXVaUH5.png]

Does anyone know how to stop that from happing?
You'd have to point us to an actual post where its happened. So we can look in the background.

Usually its because you're using an image host that doesn't work on here.


it will happen automatically if someone tries to quote images. Thats done on purpose. To stop people quoting images.
Ruben Dias - 2 pictures at the bottom of the 1st post. I'm getting the pictures down to him and Nicolas Pepe.

James Forrest - Post 33, getting "James bouncing" and getting the image thing
James Forrest - the 2 'pictures' are not pictures. They're video files. mp4 You can't post them here so they don't show up.

Ruben Dias - the OP isn't posting from his own webspace. He's hotlinking from original images sources. This isn't allowed. The last 2 obviously have some sort of hotlink protection to stop them showing.
So it's not me?

Nice to know. Thank you.