Full Version: The basics - for new members
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Just joined? About to join?

A few helpful bits of info..

Please choose your username carefully. It is NOT possible to change your username once you have joined.

Make sure you keep your email address details up-to date. We won't be sending any spam or mailings out.. but if we ever need to contact you and your email address doesn't work, we will block your account.

Once you sign up, the board will send you a validation email to check that the email address you gave is genuine. Follow the instructions in this email to validate your account.

If you don't seem to have received the email, check your junk folder. Especially on Hotmail/Outlook accounts.
You should add our email address to your trusted senders/whitelist:
it's  forums @ famousmales . com   (without the spaces)

There are quite a lot of rules on what you can and cannot post. Link at the top of every page. Please read them so you don't get warned or banned from posting.

Basically... you post pictures and videos (NOT LINKS TO THEM) in the VIEW forums.
You ask for pictures in the REQUEST forum
Anything else goes in the GOSSIP forums

This SUPPORT and FAQ forums have lots advice on how the board works, how to post pictures etc. etc.
If there's something you want to ask about but isn't covered in an FAQ, just post your question in the SUPPORT forum.