Full Version: Heading colour change?
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Is it possible to change the colours of the 'seen' post headings to distinguish them from those not yet viewed? The dark and the light red are too similar for those of us with slightly older eyes!
Say red (unread) to black (read)?

Keep up the great work!

Thank you!
You can also look at the thread icons:

[Image: ctL9aPR.png]

Are the yellow and the white icon distinct enough???
I support a color change for a slightly different reason.
The yellow icon says there is a new post since I read the thread last.
The white icon says that there is no new post since I read the thread last.

Sometimes I read a thread because I was inspired to read it for some reason, but don't care to go back to it.
So when the thread has replies since then the icon turns yellow and the thread title turns to a darker (and barely distinguishable) shade of red.
The yellow icon combined with the very slightly darker shade of red reminds me that I've been there and may not want to spend time there again.

It makes a difference to me because in the interest of time I click on only a fraction of the threads in the view forums ("cock" or "frontal" always gets my click. Big Grin).  A different color or a distinctly different shade of red would be welcome. Approve
Yes, thank you for commenting. I was more concerned about the title colour similarities but understand what you are saying.
I, like you will always click on 'cock' or 'full frontal'!! Maybe those titles should be another "stick out" colour!??????