Full Version: Eastenders Jack Ryder
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[Image: 128755044-476472550017618-7871075399440512905-n.jpg]

[Image: jr1.jpg]

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[Image: jr7.jpg]
Would love to Jack Tug Mr Ryder Tongue
Wow. Really was not expecting him to still be so damn hot!
He is still very hot.
Wow he looks better now than he did when he was younger.. Hot!!!
He was one of those actors back in the day where you really had to dig deep to find a shirtless picture of him.
Loved him then, looks amazing now
He was a villain in Holby City.  I didn't recognise him till I looked him up,
he was sexy as f back in the day !
Very sexy back at the turn of the century; I'm not crazy about the current version haha