Full Version: How to post pictures
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All images you wish to post on this site must be hosted via a third party.  Of course, you're free to use your own webspace, however many members prefer to use Imgur.com - You don't need to sign up for this service and allows you to upload your images and post them here on Famousmales Forum for free.  

Once on the main site, you'll need to click on "New Post" which is located on the top left. 

[Image: Op119HE.png]

Drag & drop the images you wish to upload when prompted by this screen 

[Image: UnU1VUo.png]

Once uploaded - Hover over the image and it will display three dots, and get share links and copy the BBCode (Forums Link) 
[Image: cm5aSwx.png]

[Image: 9HvfXsH.png]

When posting in FamousMales Forum, just paste the code directly in the message box and your image will appear.  Repeat if they're multiple pictures you wish to post.  

Click post thread to submit it, or you can click on "Preview Post" to ensure the images are displaying correctly. 

As ever, if you run into difficulties, post a support thread or DM a Mod and we'll be happy to help.