Full Version: Happy to let it hang out’: budgie smugglers are back on Australian beaches
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Excellent news!!
Let's hope the trend will hit the shores of the U S of A.  Those boardies that have been the fashion for years are awful.
There's hope, because this past summer I noticed on the streets of the Big Apple men's shorts have gotten shorter.  It used to be rare that you saw something shorter than something that went down to the knees. Sad

Speedos come in different styles.  I don''t particularly like the style of the pink ones that Mark Calleja is wearing in the Guardian article.  I find the "classic" version of the Speedo has been the most attractive and sexiest throughout.  Like this:

Jahir Ocampo Marroquin (Mexican diver)

[Image: EfgMm14.jpg]

In France the classic Speedo in BLACK for men (it has to be black) has been de rigueur for years. One year when I was in Paris I went swimming at the 50 meter pool at Les Halles. Mine was blue and I stood out, but it didn't bother me.
Here's hoping Josh Cavallo gets the memo
Adam Peaty wears them so well

[Image: ad5d0d7d7444d864b456929f056c02d8.jpg]
I think that's the best pic of Adam Peaty that I've seen yet. Big Grin
Thank you!
I like the budgie smugglers as long as certain items don't hang out "too much" if you get my drift ...... I like to leave a little to the imagination!   Big Grin Banana