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I am wondering what 'insert' do I use if I want to insert a GIF?

I've seen a few in the past that I want to post, but don't know what to use.

You use the same procedure as for other types of images. Upload the gif to your webspace (or a third party webspace provider like imgur) and then use the IMG tags. Like so:

[Image: yl4o5yi.gif]
Just use 'Insert an image'?

If you use imgur there's a tutorial here, which doesn't use the "insert image" option because imgur includes the IMG tags, but if you use other webspace, click the Insert image button, paste the URL to the image and click on Insert.
Cool, thanks.

Use: BBCode (message boards & forums) - Cause I've been using Direct Link

I didn't want to create a thread and fuck up with that thread
Feel free to try it out in this thread Approve
[img][Image: FfojNSQ.gif][/img]

[Image: FfojNSQ.gifv]

[Image: FfojNSQ.gif]

So I'll use 'Original GIF Link' on Imgur
Tried to post some gifs today, but only seemed to work on small ones, if saved to a larger size even with a lower frame rate, the gif did not seem to work.

Does the size of the gif effect whether it will work properly?

The gif was made in keynote on a Mac, when exported I had to use small size and lower frame rate to get it to work on the forum, the larger ones worked on imgur but when linked to the post it didn't.

Any ideas?
Shouldn't matter.
It just treats them as images. No size limitation.
Ok I don't understand this.  Small gif works ok, the larger one doesn't, or is it just that my computers too slow for the second one to work.  Both uploaded ok. Both are working on imgur, is the second gif working for everyone?  Any suggestions or help? Might be something silly that I'm missing, but can't figure it out.

[Image: 78h5squ.gif]

[Image: dEmbYL2h.gif]
I think size of the file.

Some GIFs over a certain size have a 'v'. Like gifv.
Small have just gif
The second gif is not working for me. Not on this site and not when I open it in its own tab. (using Chrome)
When I right-click > save image...
The 1st is showing as a .gif
The 2nd is showing as a .jfif
Well I'm well flummoxed, if I put it as a direct link, you can go straight to it on imgur. See below. This is the link to the 2nd gif.

That works for me. Right clicking and saving only offers me an mp4 file, which is a format not support by the board software.

(11-05-2021, 05:04 PM)ladsnet Wrote: [ -> ]The 2nd is showing as a .jfif

For me, the second one is showing as a jpg
(11-05-2021, 05:43 PM)Sopboy Wrote: [ -> ]Well I'm well flummoxed, if I put it as a direct link, you can go straight to it on imgur. See below. This is the link to the 2nd gif.


Direct Link or Original GIF Link?
Hi Hugh

What was the link you used?

If I go to the gif and click on the three little dots on top r/h corner and go to share options, then use the BBCode (Forums) link, it just shows up as a still images when I put it in a post.

I don't have an option to share using a BBCode (Forums) if I use the route that you show above.  You seem to have more options than I do.

Do you use a Mac or Windows? Wonder if that my be causing the issue.

[Image: 2vN7qMP.png]
I'm using Windows 10. I think that you are using the GIF - gifv
Looks like the best way to do it is to make the gifs in imgur, rather than in Keynote, seems to work doing it that way. 

Thank's for the help though guys. Approve
Short enough, under 2mb
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