Full Version: Is there a time in your life and think 'to hell with it' and do your own thing?
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I know I've posted on here about lack of friends, moans about apps and a dodgy date on Grindr, but now I'm doing something else. Reclaiming my life. 

I turned 38 on Monday. For the first time in ages, there's a sense of liberation. Due to an unwell mother and myself going through a very difficult time personally (I am a victim of cancel culture and it fucking isn't nice), I've decided to move out of the shithole that is my town. I know it's going to take time, but this is my choice to reclaim life and start again. 

I feel like I've wasted a few years stuck in a failing area where there are druggies and prostitutes around, no shops and just stupid Muppets ruling the town. Friends that never were friends, and a chance to wave adiós. 

Anyone else ever done this before and any pointers?
How are you "a victim of cancel culture"
If you don't mind me asking?
I don't want to say too much, but I've been in a feud with a former secretary of a local branch of a political party. This stemmed from a failed election campaign in 2019 where she spread rumours about me, and took advantage.

I spoke out about her behaviours over a year ago, and it escalated. Once I got angry and told her to return to her own country (she's a White South African national) via Messenger. She shared it and they banned from me a few places and my name is dirt in some quarters sadly. I admit I said it in the heat of moment, but this woman has gone round saying I set up fake accounts and calling me a pervert.
Sounds to me like you brought this on yourself.  "return to her own country"...  Really?

Cancel culture is not a thing - people calling out racists is something entirely different.  You are using a glossy term to explain to yourself why people have taken offense instead of reflecting on why they might be pissed at you in the first place.  You crossed a line with that comment, her ethnicity is irrelevant in any argument.

Moving away might be the right thing if it gives you an opportunity to forget and move on.  But it won't help if you don't learn from this and change your attitude.

I asked because its amazing how many times people claim they are victims of 'cancel culture' and then it turns out they said/did something sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic etc and don't want to own up to it. They just want to blame everyone else for calling them out about it.

Point proven me thinks.

You're not a victim.
You made a xenophobic comment to someone who called you out about it.
Dear god, seek professional counseling. You have been whining on this forum for decades and you never seem to learn. If you haven't been helped by anyone on here yet, it's not going to happen.

A big step in the right direction would be to actually examine yourself. You can only have so many bad experiences before you start to realize you're the common denominator.
Reading your other posts, I think you need counselling too. This is not the place for life affirming advice, as has been pointed out to me on numerous occasions it's a wank site and most of the people here have exactly one thing on their mind... you're not going to get the help you clearly need from us. Talk to a professional and stop hiding behind your computer screen, all that's doing is leading you into more trouble.
(26-11-2022, 10:25 PM)MintyRox Wrote: [ -> ] it's a wank site 

How very DARE YOU !!!!

(I think OP might have gone. I do hope we haven't cancelled him)
(26-11-2022, 11:50 PM)ladsnet Wrote: [ -> ]
(26-11-2022, 10:25 PM)MintyRox Wrote: [ -> ] it's a wank site 

How very DARE YOU !!!!

(I think OP might have gone. I do hope we haven't cancelled him)

I hope so too - seriously, however misguided he might be asking for emotional advice on a soft-core pornographic chat forum that members use to wank over (aka, a wank site LOL ) I wouldn't want to push someone over the edge.  I do hope he seeks professional support to help manage his feelings in a more positive manner.