Full Version: British TV presenter from the 90s/2000s
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It’s absolutely bugging me, but I can’t remember the name of a British (BBC ?) presenter. I’m sure he used to do travel shows, was a bit posh and I think gay & there was a photo around the net of him naked bending over

Apologies! ? I realise what a crazy post this is!
Craig Doyle?
Kristian Digby?
Nope for both sadly, he had dark hair. I’m sure this’ll bug me for the rest of time!
What kind of tv do you remember him being in?
Sure he would host travel type shows, or it could be house makeover shows. If I’m im honest all I can think of is that picture of him bent over naked ??
Alistair Appleton?
That’s him!

Thank you so much, that was driving me crazy! He’s aged well

Thank you again for putting me out of my misery ?
He was great with Anne Maurice the queen of de clutter...
The show is repeated on C5 about 4:30am.

Quite dated, as the show was made and show around the millennium.